The message we carry. Mike, i know what you are saying, and i agree with you. … but, nonetheless and therefore, it is wise and advisable for us to go primarily after the cause, after the ‘puppet masters’, not after the consequences and a puppet – Pres Obama ….. so lets take our cause to the Defense Ministry, generals, republican war complex establishment lobby, politicians voting for wars. – not necessarily and not primarily to pres Obama .. – that would be politically and factually naive, practically a success of propaganda we are standing up against … u know what i mean? :] ……….. who cares about Obama failing, – we need to it primarily ourselves, – you, me, the nation … elections … who cares about Obama, he will follow us, scared by the formidable and awesome message of truth we carry on our shoulders and in our hearts ….. so. … it is almost pitiful to re-post racist like pics of a first non-white president … u know? –


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