Deep crisis of immoral wild capitalism – children violent criminals! Failure of society values, of education. 7 Arrested So Far In Savage Attack On N.J. 8th Grader. And all is probably a misunderstanding. Unheard of cases of children becoming criminals happening again and again. Trash violent war tv, sickening violent videogames, peddled to children for monetary profits of capitalist corporations, are feeding current epidemic of all kinds of violent crime.


  1. D G Bokare

    Capitalist economic system has given new areas for men and women to try and chase money-accumulation at any cost. This has certainly set bad examples for the next generations. ‘Produce and sell’ is the new mantra for becoming ‘progessive’ in the modern society. GDP growth and stock markets (gambling) index have become symbols of progress for the elite class of this world. Capitalism has created a speed for everything right from office chores to social life. The wheel is running at a faster rate giving no time to pause and think of some thing differently. Those who do not catch the speed are thrown out from the wheel.
    We hardly spend our time with our family and more specifically with children for exchanging good points in life. We find it hard to name a good number of ideal personalities in the world for telling the children to try and follow their footsteps for success and real-value progress in life. We have no time even to think about the purpose of our coming to this world. We are scared by our planners and economists that we should not pause for any leisure but keep running faster to earn more and more money and to purchase unwanted goods for our materialistic satisfaction. There is no time to look at spiritual side of our life for getting mental peace.
    We see many scandals taking place in capitalist society right at the top that percolates down to the bottom of the society’s pyramid. Every one is therefore taking pleasure in this process and starting one’s corruptive methods to remain in the mad running race for materailistic pleasure. Why blame the people? The sole purpose of capitalism is not different than this. Profit and more profit is the name of this new game. We have no time to think of its consequences on future generations, health, climate, state functioning and on one’s personal life too. Economists are telling lies and painting rosy pictures to keep the capitalist economic order progressing (sic) every day, every moment, notwithstanding its side effects. These ‘thinkers’ are taken care of by the rich people, capitalists and industrialists. Those who dare to think differently and radically are not given due recognition in this elite people’s exclusive world.

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