Russia is turning into a Third World country, says Russian expert.


First step in curing an illness is accepting that you are ill indeed. And as far as that is concerned, there might be a glimmer of hope for Russia.

There is also the face of extreme corruption, nepotism, clientelism, organized crime, local ‘kingdoms’ and effective (sometimes lethal) suppression of people that have a different opinion: citizens, journalists, lawyers and business men.

If you pay for it, you can have anything. If you won’t pay, you get nothing.

And then there is the face of the Russia that I know quite well, due to my lovely, Russian wife Olga.

That is the Russia of quite honest, hard-working people, that accept their leaders and politics as a fact-of-life. Instead of fighting it, they just try to make an honest living and ‘go with the flow’ as far as the corruption and bureaucracy concerns.


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