No short term solutions for debt. budget crisis. Obama Gives Lawmakers 24-36 Hours On Debt Debate: ‘It’s Decision Time’

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama gave lawmakers 24 to 36 hours to finalize the path forward for raising the debt ceiling during the latest high-stakes White House meeting on Thursday.

“It’s decision time,” the president told attendees, according to the notes of a Democratic official. “We need concrete plans to move this forward.”

there is no short term solution to the budget, to debt ceiling other than perhaps starting a world war.

1. cut military budget to $200 bil a year from present $900 billion a year
2. single payer private public healthcare to stop present megafraud hellscare system
3. invest in America
4. invest in America
5. corporatio­ns to finally pay taxes
6. employemen­t, healthcare
7. correct the current redistribu­tion of wealth and income



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