Finally good word? New US Restoration Doctrine ?

Rebuilding America before China eats our lunch. America today is in urgent need of a multitrillion-dollar makeover — from collapsing schools and bridges to a deficient 21st-century air traffic control system.

“Bring Our Foreign Policy Home”. Doctrine of restoration can strengthen the U.S. position abroad by focusing on nation building — our own
Richard Haass, president of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, in Time magazine

A U.S. foreign policy based “on restoring this country’s strength and replenishing its resources — economic, human and physical.”

there would be fewer wars of choice, Haass writes. If any!

wars of choice he rejects are Vietnam, the second Iraq war and the current Libyan intervention.

Major cuts in discretionary spending should be a top priority. Such expenditures must be restricted to investments in the United States’ human and physical future and competitiveness.
This includes “targeted spending on public education, including at the community-college and university levels; modernizing transportation and energy infrastructures; and increasing energy efficiency while decreasing dependence on Middle East oil.

blowing $1 trillion on the Iraq war over the last 10 years and establishing a 1,400-person strong U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

U.S. taxpayer is funding both sides in Afghanistan through U.S. contracted trucking firms. Contracting waste dug up by Congress totals $34 billion

Afghanistan — it’s already close to $500 billion since the U.S. invasion Oct. 7, 2001


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