9-11cc.org: 911 Evidence points to urgent need for citizens grand jury investigation. Sen Mike Gravel.


an urgent need for a new grand jury investigation.

we need polygraph questioning of top reps as soon as possible

911Truth National Truth Commission.

Palusible scenarios, questions
1. Mr Bush(+ etc), are you aware that 911 is controlled demolition?
2. If so, when have you learned, and what was your reaction?
If not, here is a brochure, and come in the afternoon, see point 1. above
3. If so, exactly what part of 911 controlled demolition attacks you were aware of, exactly when, and by who you were told?

America, please realize you are not free until the next President comes from The 911Truth Movement.

No official elected functions for anybody involved in a cover up, knowingly or not.



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