Biggest series of cyber-attacks in history uncovered. 72 organisations, UN targeted

Security experts have discovered the biggest series of cyber attacks to date, involving the infiltration of the networks of 72 organisations including the United Nations, governments and companies around the world.

The security company McAfee, which uncovered the intrusions, said it believed there was one “state actor” behind the attacks but declined to name it. One security expert who has been briefed on the hacking said the evidence pointed to China.

The long list of victims in the five-year campaign includes the governments of the US, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Canada; the Association of South-east Asian Nations ; the International Olympic Committee (IOC); the World Anti-Doping Agency; and an array of companies from defence contractors to high-tech enterprises.

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What is happening to all this data … is still largely an open question. However, if even a fraction of it is used to build better competing products or beat a competitor at a key negotiation (due to having stolen the other team’s playbook), the loss represents a massive economic threat.”

“Everything points to China. It could be the Russians but there is more that points to China than Russia,” Lewis said.

He added that the US and Britain were capable of pulling off this kind of campaign but “we wouldn’t spy on ourselves and the Brits wouldn’t spy on us”.


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