7 Countries with Highest Incarceration Rates: US and Israel Top List! Chile, Estonia, Poland, Czech, Mexico

via huffingtonpost.com

U.S. has the highest prison population rate of any OECD country, more than 7 times higher than the median rate

When and if a majority of the American populace wakes up to realize the imposition of a total control society, devoid of any right to dissent or privacy, and complete with a fusion of corporate and government power – is well on its way to implementation, – the infrastructure of gulags will be fully in place to receive those bold enough to demand the restoration of their rights as citizens.

The media, the politicians, and everyone who profits financially by maintaining extraordinarily high rates of imprisonment all serve as cogs in a machine that ultimately serves the interests of the global elite.

The observations in this article are mere reflections of a snapshot which shows a burgeoning, and profitable system facilitated by human traffickers utilizing three strikes and excessive minimum sentencing to feed its need for inmates.

The media maintains an ongoing climate of fear among the public of crime, and corporations seldom hire individuals with prior records.

Pre-employment background checks are performed for even the most menial of positions nowadays, and anyone with theft or any type of violence in their past is denied employment throughout the society.

We are creating a permanent class of untouchable prior offenders while popular culture, also supported by corporations, glorifies all kinds of violence and gang culture among the youth.

It is a system designed to entrap and use human beings as a means to corporate ends, and it is utterly perverse and amoral in its conception and in its implementation.


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