Is China Backing Away From Skipping Hybrids in Favor of Electric Vehicles?

China’s ambitious goals for electrification of its automotive fleet call for 10 percent of the cars expected to be produced in 2015 to be EVs

Killing of China electric car? BYD.

… “testing of the company’s BYD e6 all-electric sedan proceeded as scheduled and commercial introduction of the car was delayed only because it was decided late in the game to change the size of the passenger compartment in response to dealer feedback.”

company has focused on production of electric fleet vehicles like its eBUS, responding to official emphasis on electrification of public transportation, rather on the more iffy consumer sector.

Just as GM hybrids, elctrics are very expensive ….
China’s national government offers a subsidy for each EV bought of close to US $10,000, and the cities Beijing and Shenzhen another $10,000; Shanghai offers two thirds that–40,000 versus 60,000 remimbi. In addition, Beijing and Shanghai exempt EVs from restrictions on issuance of license plates.

Under the circumstances, it’s hardly surprising that introduction of the e6, which sells for 300,000 remimbi, has been cautious.


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