Fukushima is now far and away the worst nuclear disaster in all of human history 168 Hiroshimas of cesium.

Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us With High Levels Of Cesium, Strontium And Plutonium And Will Slowly Kill Millions For Years To Come

Chernobyl was a Sunday picnic compared to Fukushima .

The crisis at Fukushima is far, far worse than you have been told.

Authorities are finally admitting that the area immediately surrounding Fukushima will be uninhabitable indefinitely,

We are talking about multiple self-sustaining nuclear meltdowns that will not be fully contained for years.

In an attempt to keep people calm, authorities in Japan (and around the rest of the world as well) have lied and lied and lied.

… “By way of comparison, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occured in 1986 in the Ukraine, Russia- heretofore the worst nuclear disaster on record- burned for 10 days and cumulatively killed an estimated 1 million people worldwide.

The Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster has 5 nuclear reactors burning, 2 in partial meltdown and 3 in full meltdown- and they’ve ALL been uncontrollably burning since March 11th.

Its been over 3 months and this nuclear disaster remains completely out of control.

In fact, some industry estimates cite the possibility that these meltdowns will be contained (optimistically) in 1-3 years, at the very earliest.

The amount and intensity of the radioactive fallout from this particular nuclear disaster will assuredly kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide over time. Japan itself is, of course, the epicenter of this radioactive contamination that has spread out from these reactors. .. ”

One of the most dangerous radioactive elements being released at Fukushima is strontium. Strontium accumulates in the bones and in the teeth. It is also known to cause cancer in humans.

To give one an example of how lethal radiation is, one pound of plutonium evenly distributed into everyone’s lungs would kill every man, woman and child on Earth. There are literally “tons” of radioactive plutonium (among other radioactive elements) that have been released into the air and ocean environments since March 11th.


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