Video Proof of Concept – Free electrical energy off the air – receive with antenna

.Recently, curious minds have had a good long look at Nikola Tesla. We are not only learning but spreading the word.

Do you think “Free Energy” is possible? What if I told you… it’s already here? Don’t believe me? Have a look:

You see? It’s here right NOW! Want more? Watch this:

Oh there is MORE! Lots more.

Do you know about Mr. Tesla? Do your Children know? It may be time to educate:

Those of you who want more information should join us and see it all @

1,000,000,000 People that demand Tesla’s Papers be released by the CIA

Our corresponding Page

Tesla Tube

Free Energy Community

Learn, Educate, Experiment, Discuss & overall… “Change the World” TODA…

Petr ControlledDemolition’Truth Buben ………….. quite interesting …. this video leads me to a thought … COULD then the same radio signal bringing us cell phone connection also charge the battery, feed the cellphone ??
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