Then, with a thought only, you will move, control and receive presence feedback from a robot half a planet away. Half a Universe then.

A teleportation. You will be driving your copy robot clone somewhere in the universe, with your thoughts only.

Your exact clone robot may be hooked up to your brain, so a distant robot creature will behave and act exactly just as you – copy of your brain signals.
Somewhere in the universe.

We can be described, reconstructed, transfered, recreated fully by and with a collection of electrical signals.

A moment will last eternity, time and distance will lose its meaning.

Our brains interconnected, we will become one large brain processing center(:not Microsoft though)

This center will process and control everything, create and run all activity and existence in the universe.
Has that happened already? Probably not.

If we can get a fake, artificial reality feedback, a presence feedback, into our brains – we don’t, we do not need even to exist.

All that can be simulated. Brain feedback and also brain activity.

Ultimately, brain itself will be simulated.

Now has that already happened? Are we already a simulated processess? Not real?
Hard to tell..

We may not be real, just an image, a simulated artificial process.

We are a program running inside a brain anyway. Our body is a supporting peripheral.

one thing is still real, though, and that is a scientifically irrefutable fact that 911 is controlled demolition therefore inside false flag operation


now the article:
“I don’t have one single word to give you what I felt at that moment. That word doesn’t exist.”


It wasn’t my arm but it was my brain, my thoughts. I was moving something with it.

The goal is a Star Trek-like melding of mind and machine.

Combining what’s considered the most humanlike bionic arm to date – even the fingers bend like real ones – with tiny chips implanted in the brain.

Those electrodes tap into electrical signals from brain cells that command movement.

Bypassing a broken spinal cord, they relay those signals to the robotic third arm.

We really are at a tipping point now with this technology,”

Recreating sensation means crafting a two-way highway with those brain chips

plan is to turn research into a robotic exoskeleton that would help the paralyzed move their bodies

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