Omega-3 good, but do not use fish oil – contaminated with PCB. Take Krill Oil, clean, more powerful.


Omega-3s. They contribute to a sharper mind, lower cholesterol, a healthier heart and more.

Your Fish Oil may be Toxic!
19 trillion gallons of mercury, lead, fertilizers and petroleum is dumped into our water supplies every year.
It makes sense that the fish living in this water would consume it.
If you’re taking fish oil capsules, chances are the fish your oil came from were poisoned.

Here’s What to Take Instead:
The product is called Krill Oil and it’s a revolutionary discovery in personal health! Krill Oil is an Omega-3 supplement that is 48 times more powerful than ordinary fish oil.

It’s made by extracting oil from krill, a shrimp like crustacean that lives in pristine waters of the Antarctic ocean.

In fact, in a head to head study it was discovered that Krill Oil literally beats the scales off fish oil.


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