Invisibility coming: carbon nanotubes could allow objects to disappear. Next basic tenets.


When we see an object, it’s because it scatters and reflects light that strikes it – the more that an object obstructs incoming light, the more visible that object is.

It turns out that a coating of low-density aligned carbon nanotubes, however, allows light to pass into it with little more resistance than that light experiences when moving through the air.

This means little of the light is scattered or reflected, with most of it instead being essentially “absorbed.”

>>>> wait a minute
so other possible advanced civilization already are using it, logically.
so there is a lot of invisible objects around us, right?
it only makes sense

Deep philosophical changes, massive paradigm shifts, are awaiting human world.

Next basic tenets of our worlds:
1. Nothing is real.
2. Anything is possible.
3. A Moment lasts eternity.
4. Immortality


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