Next Appropriate Question Analyzing 911 Controlled Demolition. Was it smart? Of course not. For most of us.

I guess the next appropriate question to ask analyzing 911 controlled demolition inside operation is: Is it a smart, a legal and an appropriate way for /US/ government to fight terrorism by making it happen, not only letting prospective terrorists do it, and then annihilate them, and their friends, invading countries desired to be implicated.

The simple answer is no, but there is a lot aspects to this.

As we will see, 911 false flag crime is quickly turning into political discourse. That is one reason it is so difficult to approach it. Even by specialists. The calls and conclusions will be political.

Because if a private person murders, it is a crime, but if government kills, it is a political act, as wars are organised state sanctioned terror.


Another question: Is it technically legal for US government to carry out false flag operations?

Of course the biggest problem with 911 false flag is that it was carried out on US soil, and involved US civilian casualties.
These New York civilians are not soldiers, did not sign up for fight, as for example Pearl Harbour soldiers.

Is there such a thing as a just false flag?

I can imagine a just war, but is then a false flag justified, smart and advisable?

Example in question might be Pearl Harbor let it happen inside op, to rally behind a defensive, just war against Nazism …
But as you see, answering will be making political calls.

Another answer to the main question also is NO, because in this 911 case, the aims and goals are not just.
The wars pretexted are not just, but aggressive conquests.

And also because the cause for which terror side stands for – defending and avenging the Iraq genocidal destruction in 1991 and on, is, arguably, just, from the standpoint of impartial observer. 

As you see, these calls can be involved, quite political and philosophical in their nature. That’s why nobody adressess them, not at least publicly.

That is how complex 911 inside operation ramifications are. That is also why they did it. It is almost self-screwing.

Another fine and complex question is : what does the 911Truth Movement want?

To reveal, publicly and officially, the truth about 911? – therefore the fact that 911 is false flag inside operation? .. To call it criminal?

OK, I’m for it, but do you know or realize what, and how huge, consequences this statement would mean?

VERY tremendous consequences for this country. Maybe even cessation of its existence in present form.
International guilt and reparations responsibility. Rogue state and rogue system admission.

911Truth is quite diverse movement, many would like to see differrent outcomes perhaps, yet the simple act of officially revealing, recognizing and accepting the truth and facts will have preemptive uniform blanket tremendous devastating consequences for the whole US and its present ruling elite.

And for the entire world also, as, Russians will start asking – didn’t you know, Mr Putin? So, are you, and are people of the world, stupid, ignorants, criminals or fascist?

You may start asking this question yourself now – it is how polarizing this 911 false flag attack on the world and on a peace is.

The dimensions of complexity and cruciality of 911 inside operation are simply so monstrous, that it is practically self-screwing.

Common people do not want to hear and talk about it. Mainstream US and world capitalist propaganda outlets will not touch it.


But this all, all analysis, us, we do not matter too much.

What really matters is a discourse, a dialog and relationship between American and Russian nuclear, electromagnetic, chemical and biological weapons arsenals.

How these two guys decide and/or fight it out, that is the way it will be. … We, the hordes of human beings, we practically do not matter. … We are practically dead already, anyway. You see.


That is why it is so difficult to even talk about, to mention or to try to grasp the facts and their consequences regarding 911Truth controlled demolition inside false flag operation – that is why it is practically self-screwing. …. That is why they did it, too.

And then some – oil money, drugs money, war money. And trying to resolve the tragic Arab Izraeli conflict.


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