Russian Military Getting Ready For US And Israel To Attack Iran. Exercises in Caucasus


Russia will be holding a series of military exercises in the North Caucasus, Armenia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia this fall, reportedly in preparation for a possible U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran.

Russia vetoed UN resolution to attack Syria, but fm Lavrov says: Russai can’t stop military attack.


  1. War with Iran? No,it’s not right. They’ve done nothing to warrant this.Their air space has been violated,their scientist’s have been murdered and sanctions will cause pain,suffering and death of innocents. What the hell is wrong with world leaders? To let this let this sick stinking virus go on, consuming one country after the next- boom boom boom-like fucking clockwork. Iranian people are Earthlings too! just like me,I’m an Earthling The ones who would have us at constant war? No, they are not human or earthling—they are a dripping,sickening, infected virus,that must be cleansed from this Earth. I SAY NO MORE WAR. Earth says no more war. It’s time to heal this planet and her people. NOW!

    • I agree with you.
      What’s wrong with the world is that strategic balance was disturbed, in 1991, and now one side uses murderous wars to invade and conquer weaker states.

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