Creating paranoia of real crime threat, of war, of terror. To control population. CCTV surveillance cameras.

Transforming Public Surveillance CCTV Cameras

Into Highly Visible and Interactive Crime Prevention Tools

The Cordero Group

CCTV technology has been romanticized by television crime dramas as silent crime fighters. Writers submit the missing bit of critical video evidence in the 55th minute to break the case. But in the real world, CCTV cameras and a synchronized alert system can be used as a visible interactive deterrent to potential crimes.

The Cordero Group has developed a Light-Based Intervention System (LBIS). A powerful light source is mounted on an automated pan and tilt mechanism that is synchronized with CCTV camera views. LBIS features two modes of operations – intervention and prevention. 

In the intervention mode, LBIS Closely Mirrors Crime Prevention Benefits of Physical Police Patrols. If suspicious or threatening activity is observed, CCTV camera operators activate area IP-based LBIS lights using a point and click absolute positioning trigger system. Instantly, a pencil beam bright illumination source “paints” would be criminals and conveys a powerfully persuasive message: “Police are observing, Police are recording, and Police Are Responding”.

If a crime does occur or if live security intervention is required and/or the suspects flee, successive lights can be activated to follow the suspects while the entire incident is recorded. The systems save resources by providing a base level of visual police intervention and notice of detection, particularly when used to disrupt public nuisances and quality of life issues.

In a crime prevention mode, LBIS Alerts the Public and Would Be Criminals that area is under CCTV camera surveillance by projecting illuminated letters onto the street (e.g., “Police”). LBIS reassures the public that they are safe by projecting a visibly high level of guardianship.

LBIS creates safe passages around community streets, parks, schools, commercial corridors and other locations. Security forces also rely on LBIS to “force multiply” during large public outings such as sporting events or concerts. By projecting words such as “Police” or “Under Surveillance” safe corridors are created would be criminals are warned to stay away.…

Surveillance cameras are here mostly for a population control, for a mass unrest control and containment. … there are only very few rulers, some police, army, but a lot of oppressed and defrauded people. …… so …

Create a mass crime wave, an epidemic of crime, by forcing hard poverty, hopelessness, joblessness, homelessness, no medical care, by hard instilling, teaching and glorifying violence, killing, mayhem daily in tv, videogames …..

Then use this common crime epidemic created to install cameras to deal with, deter, punish public uprisings against the elite rulers world order.

And you know what is the funny and sad part of this ….. that all this is just a by product .. unintended …. for the main engine, the main motivation, is MONEY.
PROFITS, at any costs.

that’s what’s killing the human race, if you ask me.


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