mind control. yes. insert behaviors. today, rat with a pack on the back is driven remotely via antenna. insert, control moods.

Lissa's Humane Life

There is a myriad of information available in the public sector about the availability of wireless stimulation and recording of neurons. Recent public advances in nanotechnology should give further credence to the possibility of “functional” mind control being possible through the direct electrical stimulation of neurons either utilizing a remote power source, or more likely the ion’s available for the brain’s own endogenous function. When you add in the fact that military science is most likely at least thirty years ahead of public disclosure, it should be at least plausible to a free thinking person that the possibility of mind control exists. See How Stupid are you and END TIMES, and Welcome to the Hidden Empire A MUST READ

The Truth about Mindwar. To the victims

Your Future and Freedom

Several days ago, I posted a short work of fiction, discussing the use of advanced technology against humanity…

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