JFK Assassination. One Theory. LBJ? Bush.

Lyndon Johnson and the CIA
murdered John F. Kennedy
George Herbert Walker Bush was deeply involved, too
LBJ said it was “Texas oil and those fucking renegade intelligence bastards in Washington” [Texas in the Morning, Madeleine Brown, p.189]

from Robert Morrow political researcher Austin, TX

Madeleine Duncan Brown was a mistress of Lyndon Johnson for 21 years and had a son with him named Steven Mark Brown in 1950. Madeleine mixed with the Texas elite and had many trysts with Lyndon Johnson over the years, including one at the Driskell Hotel in Austin, TX, on New Year’s Eve 12/31/63.
In the morning of January 1, 1964, just 6 weeks after the JFK assassination, Madeleine asked Lyndon Johnson:
“Lyndon, you know that a lot of people believe you had something to do with President Kennedy’s assassination.”
He shot up out of bed and began pacing and waving his arms screaming like a madman. I was scared!
“That’s bullshit, Madeleine Brown!” he yelled. “Don’t tell me you believe that crap!”
“Of course not.” I answered meekly, trying to cool his temper.
“It was Texas oil and those fucking renegade intelligence bastards in Washington.” [said Lyndon Johnson, the new president.] [Texas in the Morning, p. 189] [LBJ told this to Madeleine on 1/1/64 in the Driskell Hotel, Austin, TX in room #254. They spent New Year’s Eve ‘64 together here. Room #254 was the room that LBJ used to have rendevous’ with his girlfriends – today it is known as the LBJ Room, and rents for $600-1,000/night as a Presidential suite at the Driskell. Located on the Mezzanine Level.]

LBJ Killed JFK
After 44 years the sad truth is revealed…

What Lyndon Johnson did not tell his mistress was that Texas big oil and the CIA had killed John Kennedy on behalf of Lyndon Johnson. LBJ either organized the plot to kill JFK or he knew about it in advance and agreed to cover the murder up. LBJ in the fall of 1963 was like a cornered animal. He was about to be dropped from the presidential ticket in 1964 by JFK. Also, LBJ could very well have been indicted in the Bobby Baker scandal that was breaking at that time in fall, 1963.
I believe that Lyndon Johnson was at the heart and center of the murder of John F. Kennedy. LBJ had a lot of help, too, from the CIA, the Mafia, Texas oil millionaires, anti-Casto Cubans and high officials in the military and government, including J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI who was LBJ’s next door neighbor in Washington, DC for 19 years as well as a close personal friend.
Check these 4 YouTube videos of The Men Who Killed Kennedy, the Guilty Men, banned from the History Channel because it got too close to the truth.

1) The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 1

2) The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 2

3) The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 3

4) The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 4

5) LBJ benefited from Kennedy’s death the most

From Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition 1998 p. 638-639]:

“The Role of deep-cover CIA officer, Trenton Parker, has been described in earlier pages, and his function in the CIA’s counter-intelligence unit, Pegasus. Parker had stated to me earlier that a CIA faction was responsible for the murder of JFK … During an August 21, 1993, conversation, in response to my questions, Parker said that his Pegasus group had tape recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy. I asked him, “What group were these tapes identifying?” Parker replied: “Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, JOHNSON of Texas, GEORGE BUSH, and J. Edgar Hoover.” I asked, “What was the nature of the conversation on these tapes?” I don’t have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to [Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were conversations between Rockefeller, [J. Edgar] Hoover, where [Nelson] Rockefeller asks, “Are we going to have any problems?” And he said, “No, we aren’t going to have any problems. I checked with Dulles. If they do their job we’ll do our job.” There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn’t realize that his phone has been tapped. Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, p. 638-639]:

In order to understand the JFK assassination, you have to understand the criminality of Lyndon Johnson BEFORE the JFK murder and the criminality of George Herbert Walker Bush AFTER the JFK murder. Lyndon Johnson: in addition to stealing the 1948 Senate election with vote fraud, LBJ also made a career of taking $$ millions in bribes. Lesser known is that LBJ had a hit man named Malcolm Wallace who would kill people who could have gotten LBJ indicted, thrown in jail or endangered his political career. Billie Sol Estes fingers LBJ, his top aide Cliff Carter, & Malcolm Wallace in the murders of Henry Marshall, JOHN F. KENNEDY and 6 others. Go to this web page to read about who LBJ murdered:

Lyndon Johnson was one sick, evil son of a bitch who would do anything to get ahead, including murdering John F. Kennedy.
In Nov. ’63, LBJ was a dangerous, cornered animal. He was about to be dropped from the 1964 Demo ticket and he was possibly headed to JAIL because of the Bobby Baker scandal. LBJ and the CIA murdered JFK, with the equally corrupt LBJ friend Hoover of the FBI in charge of covering it up.
Six weeks after the murder of JFK, on 1/1/64 LBJ’s beloved mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown asked LBJ who killed JFK. She says LBJ got angry, hopped out of bed and started pacing and waving his arms; then Lyndon Johnson said, “It was Texas oil and those fucking renegade intelligence bastards in Washington!” [Texas in the Morning, Madeleine Brown, p.189] In other words: the CIA (Bush), LBJ’s biggest campaign contributors (Texas oil) and closest friends murdered John F. Kennedy.

George Herbert Walker Bush:
“Fucking Renegade Intelligence Bastard”

George H.W. Bush, despite his lies, has been CIA for a very LONG TIME. Bush helped organize the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April of 1961. The Bush family was heavily vested in the Bay of Pigs operation against Castro. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the CIA and the anti-Castro Cubans hated JFK as much as they hated Fidel Castro. Eventually LBJ, the CIA and George Bush would use this hate to murder JFK.
Read this web page: www.jfkmurdersolved.com/bush.htm covering GHW Bush’s very probable involvement in the killing of JFK. Google 1) “JFK II – The Bush Connection.” (video) 2) “Tom Flocco George Bush photo” 3) Google the “Nixon-Bush Connection to the Kennedy Assassination” by Paul Kangas.
During Watergate one of Nixon’s aides mentioned that he had spoken to George H.W. Bush about the “Bay of the Pigs” thing. Nixon asked what was Bush’s response? The aide said that George H.W. Bush “broke out in assholes and then shitted all over himself.” Haldeman said that “the Bay of Pigs thing” were Nixon’s code words for the JFK assassination. George H.W. Bush has the blood of JFK all over his hands and he might shit all over himself if YOU ever find out the Ugly Truth about his murderous ways.
George Bush has a long criminal career of massive CIA DRUG SMUGGLING. Google the video: “Mena Connection: Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, Drug smuggling”


Barry Seal was a CIA asset and legendary drug smuggler. It is very likely that VP George H.W. Bush, his son JEB BUSH and Ollie North MURDERED Barry Seal in 1986. Barry Seal was about to spill the beans in court about GHW Bush’s criminal drug involvement. You can read about it in Al Martin’s book The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider. Google “Barry Seal Spartacus.”

George Herbert Walker Bush used CIA Pegasus unit
Assassins to Terrorize Ross Perot in the 1992 campaign
Google “Chip Tatum Pegasus” for the Ugly Truth about Bush

George H.W. Bush is a career criminal with a lot of dirty, evil secrets to hide. Ross Perot, while he was hunting for US POWs in Asia, came across clear evidence of US CIA heroin smuggling from Burma. This is in addition to the HUGE amounts of cocaine that Bush/Clinton/CIA/Jeb Bush/Oliver North were bringing in from Central America. Google “Bo Gritz letter to George Bush.” GHW Bush was very scared of what might happen to him if a hard ass like Perot ever became president. Bush was giving his CIA assassins the green light to murder/terrorize Ross Perot. George H.W. Bush said: “you are authorized to use whatever means necessary to recover said documents and insure that this criminal [Ross Perot] is brought to justice. You are authorized to exceed existing regulations and FTM’s to accomplish this mission. If loss of life occurs as a result of the performance of your duties, you shall be exempt and protected from prosecution.” [Chip Tatum, Pegasus Files – Google it!]

Major General Edward Lansdale was probably in operational charge of the assassination in Dallas. JFK did not make him ambassador to Vietnam in 1961, which Lansdale coveted. Here is a photo of Lansdale taken on the sidewalk in front of and just a few feet west of the Texas School Book Depository: “http://www.apfn.net/dcia/tramps1.jpg”

Fletcher Prouty gives his insights: HYPERLINK “http://www.prouty.org/letter.html”

Here is a Lansdale bio: HYPERLINK “http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/COLDlansdale.htm”

Also, Wikipedia on Lansdale: : HYPERLINK “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Lansdale”

Forget the 3 tramps, the identification of Lansdale by Fletcher Prouty and General Krulak is the jewel in that photo! Edward Lansdale had a rectangular head.

Here is a 3/14/85 letter by Gen. Victor H. Krulak also identifying Edward Lansdale at the TSBD on 11/22/63: HYPERLINK “http://www.ratical.com/ratville/JFK/USO/appD.html”

Edward Lansdale, the CIA’s assassinations expert, – his presence in Dallas indicts the CIA.
Here are the folks who I think were involved in the murder of John Kennedy. Some folks had foreknowledge and were participants in the planning of the murder of JFK. Other folks knew the truth and actively covered up the assassination, protecting the CIA murderers of JFK:
1) Lyndon Johnson – plotted to kill JFK. The job of LBJ and Hoover was to cover up the assassination. The job of the CIA was to kill JFK. 2) J. Edgar Hoover of FBI- I think he had foreknowledge. Like LBJ, he hated the Kennedys. 3) Allen Dulles, head of CIA fired by JFK 4) Richard Helms – CIA 5) James Angleton – CIA 6) E. Howard Hunt – CIA 7) Frank Sturgis – CIA 8) Edward Lansdale – CIA (probably the guy running the field operation for the assassination on site at Dealey Plaza 9) George Herbert Walker Bush – Texas oil, CIA, elite political player even then 10) Nelson Rockefeller – probably involved in the plot 11) David Atlee Phillips – CIA 12) Jack Ruby – killed Oswald to cover up plot. Others in Lyndon Johnson’s circle who probably were involved: Cliff Carter his political director – definitely involved in cover-up, probably was in on plot in advance. Ed Clark – top lawyer for LBJ – very possibly deeply involved in the JFK assassination. Other key plotters would be HL Hunt and Clint Murchison, Sr. (Texas oil men kingpins) and Curtis LeMay head of the Air Force.
Other folks like Arlen Specter and Gerald Ford and James McCoy may not have been killers, but knew the truth and helped to cover it up after the fact. Nicholas Katzenbach helped cover it up as well. As did MANY CIA assets in the print and TV media.
As for Lee Harvey Oswald, I lean toward the view that he was completely set up to be the “patsy” of the assassination by the CIA. He probably did not kill Officer Tippitt either. If Oswald was one of the killers/plotters/shooters, then he was doing an operation at the behest of the CIA and Lyndon Johnson. The whole case against Oswald was pretty much a fabrication by the CIA and FBI. Oswald was probably a low level CIA agent who we know acted as an informer for the FBI, who were rivals to the CIA.
Check out the amazing Arthur Krock column in NYT on 10/03/63! The CIA and JFK were at WAR with each other! JFK knew he did not have control of the CIA. HYPERLINK “http://www.jfklancer.com/Krock.html”

An amazing column which even includes public speculation in an elite newspaper (back then) about the possibility of the CIA engineering a coup d’etat! The bottom line is that John Kennedy did NOT have control of the CIA and his WAR with them was even spilling into print into the public elite media.

The New York Times October 3, 1963 p. 34 The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam By Arthur Krock … One reporter in this category is Richard Starnes of the Scripps-Howard newspapers. Today, under a Saigon dateline, he related that, “according to a high United States source here, twice the C.I.A. flatly refused to carry out instructions from Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge . . . [and] in one instance frustrated a plan of action Mr. Lodge brought from Washington because the agency disagreed with it.” Among the views attributed to United States officials on the scene, including one described as a “very high American official . . . who has spent much of his life in the service of democracy . . . are the following: The C.I.A.’s growth was “likened to a malignancy” which the “very high official was not sure even the White House could control . . . any longer.” “If the United States ever experiences [an attempt at a coup to overthrow the Government] it will come from the C.I.A. and not the Pentagon.” The agency “represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone.” … The C.I.A. may be guilty as charged. Since it cannot, or at any rate will not, openly defend its record in Vietnam, or defend it by the same confidential press “briefings” employed by its critics, the public is not in a position to judge. Nor is this department, which sought and failed to get even the outlines of the agency’s case in rebuttal. But Mr. Kennedy will have to make a judgment if the spectacle of war within the Executive branch is to be ended and the effective functioning of the C.I.A. preserved. And when he makes this judgment, hopefully he also will make it public, as well as the appraisal of fault on which it is based.

JFK was an out of control Sex Freak. And the people (LBJ, CIA, military, Hoover) who murdered him used that as a one justification for their actions. They considered JFK soft on communism, reckless in his personal life, and MOST IMPORTANTLY a direct threat to their power (LBJ, Allen Dulles, Hoover): HYPERLINK “http://www.cwporter.com/jfksex.htm”

Reply to charges of JFK being a sex freak. I believe JFK was indeed an out of control sex freak.

1) HYPERLINK “http://www.ctka.net/pr997-jfk.html”
2) HYPERLINK “http://www.ctka.net/pr1197-jfk.html”

1) I urge you to look into LBJ’s close association with Malcolm Wallace, his on call hit man. A good book to get is Billie Sol Estes a Texas Legend. Billie Sol will tell you about Lyndon’s murderous ways: HYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/Billie-Sol-Estes-Texas-Legend/dp/B000ANCGGS/ref=sr_1_1?
Read the book and you will see how CLOSE Billie Sol was to Cliff Carter, LBJ’s political operative.

2) Texas in the Morning by Madeleine Duncan Brown. LBJ told her on 12/31/63 at the Driskell Hotel in Austin that he knew that big oil and the CIA had murdered JFK. I think Lyndon was lying; I think he forget to add that big oil, the CIA and his own hit man Malcolm Wallace was involved.
HYPERLINK “http://www.21stcenturyradio.com/1314-presidents.html”

Madeleine Duncan Brown, YouTube interview 6/30/97: HYPERLINK “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA-nEy4vEs0″

Here are some more:
HYPERLINK “http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type&search_query=Madeleine+Duncan+Brown&aq=f”

JFK Murder Treason: LBJ’s Mistress Blows Whistle on LBJ:
HYPERLINK “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzPvpPcmiGA”

1) Harry Truman said in WashPost 12/22/63. Truman wrote and Op-Ed in the Washington Post saying “Limit CIA role to Intelligence” just one month to the day after the JFK assassination. I think it is clear from this column that he thinks the CIA may very well have had something to with the JFK assassination.

2) Please note: Harry Truman’s column on the CIA was REMOVED FROM THE AFTERNOON EDITION of the Washington Post that day. Do you think it was because Truman hit some nerves … and told too much of the truth? I do. – Robert Morrow

HYPERLINK “http://www.maebrussell.com/Prouty/Harry%20Truman’s%20CIA%20article.html”

Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA?
by Ray McGovern
HYPERLINK “http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/12/29-8″

Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA?
by Ray McGovern

April, 1967 Memo from CIA to Media Assets on how to defend Warren Report (i.e. cover up JFK assassination).
Question: why does CIA even HAVE media assets?
HYPERLINK “http://mtracy9.tripod.com/cia_instructions.htm”

CIA Instructions to Media Assets

>my comment
1. JFK was about to end FED, private control of US money
2. There’d be no war in Vietnam.
3.There’d be no invasion of Cuba.

He refused to obama the ruling elite…

  1. looks more like fact,not theory

  2. ronald J loomis

    I have always thought LBJ was involved in killing Kennedy I remember telling my Dad the day after that Johnson was involved I just had a feeling about it .I was twenty years old at the time

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